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Ajwa Date (আজওয়া খেজুর)

650.00৳ 500 gm
Ajwa Dates, known for their rich taste and soft texture, offer several potential health benefits. Here are some advantages of

Dabbas Dates(Date Crown)

450.00৳ 1 kg
Introducing our premium Dabbas Dates, a delicious and nutritious natural treat that will satisfy your cravings and provide numerous health

Mabroom Dates (Khejur)

600.00৳ 500 gm
Mabroom dates are a type of dates known for their distinct flavor, soft texture, and rich nutritional profile. Here are

Safawi Dates (সাফাভি খেজুর)

450.00৳ 500 gm
Safawi dates, also known as Safawy dates, are a variety of dates highly regarded for their unique taste and texture.

Sukkari Dates (সুক্কারি খেজুর)

450.00৳ 500 gm
Sukkari dates are a variety of dates known for their distinct sweetness and soft, caramel-like texture. These delicious fruits offer